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Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more freedom you’re able to have in your life. The more freedom, the more power. It’s really a simple equation: KNOWLEDGE = FREEDOM = POWER. At our time in human history, you have no excuse for giving up on the pursuit of knowledge. There are essentially unlimited resources that you can access on the internet ranging from courses to books to videos to creative marketing podcasts. Thankfully, there are multiple companies working on making the learning process even easier! We’re going to be looking at one of those businesses today and it’s a tool you can start using right away.

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— Intro —

Hey there all you beautiful people! Welcome to the Creativity Killed the Cat podcast. My name's Andrew Chwalik and I’m going to be helping you develop creative marketing that won’t break the bank.

Bust first, a fun fact.

Fun Fact: I was the first one in my family to ever get a leach. It was when I was a kid. All I remember is my dad saying he would eat it. I hope he didn’t. 

Alright, on with the show!

Remember, I take one small business or brand and develop some creative marketing concepts that could be implemented as soon as you finish listening to this podcast.

It’s all about what you know, right? Well, I guess people say it’s more about who you know. I do agree, having a strong network is the first step to getting where you want. However, once you get there, you need to have the skills and knowledge to succeed. That’s why it’s all about what you know. The company we’re featuring in today’s episode helps you get smart by teaching you anything and everything. Before our class is called to session, let’s go over how to properly market on a billboard. 

— Marketing Chat —

We’re talking about billboard marketing for two reasons. One, it can be a great way to advertise if you do it correctly, but if you don’t, you can demolish your marketing budget pretty quick. Two, I’ve been seeing so many terrible billboard advertisements recently that it hurts my heart a little bit. 

Honestly, this should be one of the easiest marketing tactics you implement from a design standpoint because you have a variety of examples, know the exact location, and can test everything out before pulling the trigger. I’m going to walk you through those three points so if you ever do market with a billboard, you’ll know how to do it correctly. Plus, if you ever see a terrible billboard, just send the company this episode. They’ll thank you. 

Okay, as a potential billboard advertiser, you have a plethora of examples. You can find billboards along any major highway so go scope some out. Take a picture of some that you think are cool. Also take pictures of one’s that you absolutely hate. This way, you’ll have some examples of concepts that you like and some that you can avoid. This is a good practice because it’s essentially research. You’re going out to find advertising elements that you think would work well for your target audience - if the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You shouldn’t directly copy things you see on other billboards, they probably wouldn’t make sense for your brand anyway. However, you can find characteristics that you like and tweak them. That’s what I hope you’re doing with Creativity Killed the Cat, taking the marketing concepts I talk about and tweaking them just a bit to fit your marketing strategy. This billboard research is also showing you some concepts that you should avoid as well. Some elements just don’t work when they’re 50 feet in the air, it happens. When you see that, take note of why that ad isn’t working and be sure to not include it when you’re designing your own.

If you are seriously thinking about a billboard advertisement for your business, you need to scout for locations. You can contact the companies that host billboards and they can typically give you all their locations and helpful demographic information. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few boards, you know their exact locations. This isn’t like any other type of advertising where you’re not sure where your ad will actually be. Like in a magazine, your page could be ripped out, the text could be printed weird in a few copies, who knows what people do with magazines when they get home. Once you buy the ad spot, you just hope and pray that people end up seeing it. With a billboard, it’s going to be in that exact spot until you decide to stop advertising there. That’s one very appealing aspect, you have complete control over your ad for its entire life span. 

The other part is that you can observe the physical location of each billboard. You can literally drive to a destination and scope everything out. Does the sun reflect weird off the frame? Is there adequate lighting during the night? Is the road under construction? Is there even enough traffic on the road? What’s the typical speed at which people drive? Is there a dead tree that might fall on your billboard? These are just a few questions you should think about when looking to purchase a billboard advertisement. What’s nice is that you can actually go observe these factors first hand. Use those questions as a checklist that you can ask at every location you’re considering. Don’t forget to add your own as well!

The last piece to this billboard marketing puzzle is testing out your design. People seeing your ad are going to have about three seconds to take in the entire message. Think about it, your ad is stationary and people are driving by at 70 miles per hour. You need to be able to get your message across quickly and effectively. Obviously, a bunch of small text is not going to do the trick. You’d be surprised by how many billboards there are that try to fit as much text as possible. They’re just wasting money. Straight up. Test your design before you pay to have it put up. Print it out on a normal sized piece of paper. Get a few friends and show it to them for about three seconds and then take it away. Ask what they saw. This is a good way to see how your design will actually perform before spending a ton of money.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, I better not be seeing any more gross billboards out there. You know, I might even start a social campaign where we send awkward memes to bad billboard advertisers, but that’s a thought for another episode. Take your seats because class is about to start.


ShowMe is the easiest way to create and share lessons on your iPad, Android tablet, or Chromebook. It’s a digital platform for educators who want to teach something and for students who want to learn something. These educators are able to create their lessons on a whiteboard with a variety of different tools. Once they create their lesson, they can share it anywhere, including ShowMe’s global learning community. That’s their online library of lessons on topics ranging from football strategy to pre-calculus equations. It’s almost like the YouTube of knowledge. Experts can create their lessons and people that want to learn something can soak in the knowledge. As you can guess, it works well for teachers, especially those looking to utilize technology for education. 

Alright, now you know about the power of ShowMe so let’s get creative. 

The first creative marketing concept that would work wonders is tapping into the influencer marketing world. That means working with people that have a decent social following. We’re not talking about ultra famous people like Tom Brady or Ellen DeGeneris. I mean, if you have a connect, heck yes, but I’m talking about small influencers who actually make sense for your brand. ShowMe is all about teaching and sharing knowledge. That is the ideal concept for influencers because many of them are teaching people about a certain topic. Look at all of those make up artists on YouTube, what are they doing? Teaching others how to apply makeup a certain way. What about individuals focused on fitness? They teach people how to be healthy. What about me and Creativity Killed the Cat? I’m teaching people how to be better marketers. Go out and find smaller influencers that are creating interesting content. Then, incentivize them to create a lesson on the ShowMe platform. Sure, you could pay them. Many companies go this route. But if you want to save money, incentivize them by helping them grow their audience. That’s what they really want. Feature their ShowMe lesson on your website for a month. Help direct people to their website. Share their lesson across your social platforms. That won’t only excite them, you’ll also have some great new content for your own audience. Honestly, pause this episode and reach out to at least three influencers right now. It’s a great tactic. Then come back and listen to the rest of these baller ideas. 

Alright, now let’s get social. ShowMe essentially helps people solve problems by providing them with answers. Google does the same. People type in their question and google gives them a variety of sources where they can find answers. One quick tip, make sure every ShowMe lesson is search engine optimized so people will be able to see them on google. Where going to get social by encouraging people to ask you questions on social media. Crazy questions. Stuff like, “how many cows would you need to stack to get to the moon?” Tell your audience to send in their crazy questions with a custom hashtag like #ShowMeSolutions. Then, pick one of these questions every week and build a simple ShowMe with the answer. You can then feature the question and answer on your website. That would encourage people to send you questions. Plus, it’d be a fun little social campaign where you can engage with your audience. On top of that, you’ll have some legendary content for later use. I’m talking about all those crazy questions. You can use those for a few creative marketing concepts down the road. 

Cool. You’ve got influencers creating conctent and growing your social community. You also have a fun social media campaign where you can interact with your audience. This final creative marketing aspect will combine everything together. I’m talking about a live awards show. I talk about this all the time, but Facebook Live is where it’s at. The platform continues to grow and people are all about video, especially if it’s live. There are some pretty sweet features if you go live from your desktop as well. 

Here’s the plan. Host an award show on Facebook Live for some of your best ShowMe lesson creators. You can make it fun by giving away prizes to viewers while featuring some of your platform superstars. Think of it like the Grammys. People tune in because the host is hilarious, the event is entertaining, and it’s interesting to see who wins. Have your ShowMe award show be the exact same. You can play some of the best lessons on your platform. Give out awards to a variety of creators. And grow your social audience by giving away little prizes and making it a fun experience! Maybe you can even bring on an influencer to host the event. You wouldn’t happen to know Ryan Seacrest, would you?


Boom. ShowMe now has some creative marketing ideas that won’t break the bank and will get tons of people excited about using their online learning platform! Gosh, I’m just stoked for this awards show and sending in my ridiculous questions. I’d still like to know how many licks it takes to get to tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop! That’d be a cool ShowMe. Well, if you want to learn something new from an expert, head to ShowMe.com and soak in all that knowledge. 

— Closing —

Well, that’s all folks. Thanks for joining me on this episode of Creativity Killed the Cat! I hope you had as much fun as I did and were able to take away some creative marketing ideas that YOU can start using right now.

If you’re still stuck and need a little extra creative juice, head over to creativitykillscats.com to find some more content that will continue to get your creative gears turning. Plus, you can reach out and let me know if you want your business or brand as the theme for one of our future episodes.

Keep saving those cats. I’ll see you all on the next episode of Creativity Killed the Cat. In the meantime, if you happen to get a leach, pour some salt on it and it’ll pop right off.