Getting the Creative Juices Flowing with Main Squeeze

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I’m excited to introduce you to the second episode of Creativity Killed the Cat and Twillful’s first-ever client! In my opinion, the quality of the podcast has already improved because I’ve started to structure each episode in a more coherent format. I’m sure you’ll agree if you decide to give it a chance.

Oh yes, Main Squeeze decided to take a chance and bring Twillful on as their marketing agency. While it’s not a massive project (we’ll be working with them for a month to design a local marketing strategy), it is an exciting time for our young agency! Just as the podcast will continue to improve, so will Twillful. Now, jump into this episode of Creativity Killed the Cat and learn about the wonderful juice shop called Main Squeeze.

You can listen to the episode and read the transcription below. You can also listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, YouTube, or anywhere else you get your podcasts by searching “Creativity Killed the Cat”.

— Intro —

What’s crackalackin all you beautiful people! Welcome to the Creativity Killed the Cat podcast. My name’s Andrew Chwalik and I’m going to be helping you develop creative marketing that won’t break the bank.

Before jumping into our episode, I’m going to share a fun fact since we’re all friends here. Organization has always been my thing, even during my younger years. From my alphabetized sports card collection to wondering around the supermarket and organizing their shelves, I just could not get enough.

Alright, on with the show!

It’s game time. Remember, I take one small business or brand and develop some creative marketing concepts that could be implemented as soon as they finish listening to this podcast. And today, we’re going to be looking at a pretty delicious company, but before we do, let me tell you a little about the name of this podcast. Ever wonder why it’s called Creativity Killed the Cat?

— Marketing Chat —

As you all know from the first episode, creativity has been a main feature in my life from the start. That carried over into my studies and now my career as founder and partner at a marketing and coaching agency. Through all that experience, I realized one thing.

Companies are afraid to get creative. They’re more scared than a cat in a freshly filled bathtub! Because cats hate water. Get it?

I’ve worked with a variety of businesses and almost every single one takes this same approach to implement creative marketing. I’m going to use my “important business owner voice” Here’s what they say, “Fantastic! We love all the creative ideas and strategies you’ve brought to the table. However, some of these concepts seem a bit difficult and we’re not ready to change. We want to stay on brand.”

Shut up. Shut UP!

First, let me get this straight. You pay me to develop some super cool marketing strategies and then are too afraid to implement them? What?! That’s like me going to the store, buying a brand new suit, and leaving it in my closet because I’m too nervous to wear it. Get out of my face with that crap.

Second. Yes, integrating some of these creative strategies will be difficult. What’s that saying? Something about nothing worthwhile in life comes easy? The cool part with creative marketing is, yes, some aspects may require effort but it will always be a fun process.

Businesses that resist change and “want to stay on brand” end up being boring. And boring companies don’t stick around very long. Take it from Blockbuster. If you don’t innovate, you get left behind.

These businesses think being creative will hurt their brand, effectively killing their cat. That’s why I started Creativity Kills the Cat — to show companies that creative marketing can potentially save their business. Plus, I just love cats.

It’s time. Now that you know why this podcast has such a different name, let’s get creative and start saving some cats!

Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze is a small juice and smoothie shop located in Marion, Ohio that focuses on developing healthy and delicious products. They do a pretty good job at that. I’m a huge fan of the B Porter. Just saying.

Their two goals are to solidify the consistency of their brand from digital presence to physical location and to better market to their target customers. Thankfully, they already have a sweet brand (ha, get it) so this one should be fun.

I was sitting there drinking my juice, after tossing a photo of it on Instagram because I’m basic, and thought that they should reward people who share photos of their Main Squeeze juice. A main segment of customers is students and we all know they love to be social. Why not have a wall dedicated to the photos people post? Thus, the #MainSqueezeMarion Instagram Wall concept was born. Snag four or five photos a month from people who post with the #MainSqueezeMarion tag and feature them on the wall along with their username. Some people would die to get their Instagram profiles shared like that. And I might be included in that category. There are a ton of companies that will print Instagram photos for you, but if you want to save a little cash, head to Goodwill and buy a few frames. Print out the images yourself. Then you can just take the old photos out of the frames and slide the new ones in each month!

It’s a simple task, but creating a LinkedIn Page is vital for every company. It creates legitimacy when attempting to partner with other organizations, especially since it is the third most used social media platform for business owners. Main Squeeze should be partnering with local gyms to offer deals to its members who swing by after a workout to grab a protein smoothie. LinkedIn allows employees and other local business to connect to your brand and create more awareness. If expansion is ever in the plan, having quality LinkedIn profiles and pages will make it easier to connect with investors and other interested parties. Hey, if you’re looking for a new employee, that job opportunity can be placed on LinkedIn to help generate quality applicants. There are so many great reasons to have a LinkedIn page for your business, make it happen as soon as you finish this episode. Plus, if you don’t know, it’s free. Free things are always nice. My grandmother just got a free package of meat from the butcher. She seemed pretty happy about it.

Like we talked about earlier, students, both high school and college, make up a large population of the Main Squeeze customer base. One thing they all have in common is homework. The “digital nomad” lifestyle of being able to work from everywhere is sweeping the millennial generation off their feet, myself included. Main Squeeze can play on that in a simple way. Offer quality wifi, ambient lighting, a unique atmosphere, and encourage students to work on assignments after snagging a juice. Make this space the starting line for people that want to try the digital nomad lifestyle. To get these people in the door, offer a student discount. I’d always prefer to go to a place that offered a discount. Potentially take things further by offering a discount to people still paying off their student loans — now that would be unique. I’ve not heard of another company doing anything like this. The vast majority of these aspirational digital nomads have student debt, draw them in with a unique offering like that.

I would like to take a second to share one creative strategy that Main Squeeze already implements. They offer a 10% discount to anyone that shares a picture from the Main Squeeze Selfie Spot in their store. That encourages people to post about Main Squeeze, purchase a product, and is the perfect precursor to the #MainSqueezeMarion Instagram Wall. Huge fan.

One more creative marketing idea that would be engaging for all customers would be setting up a “Wall of Ideas to Save the World”. Our world is full of hate, pollution, terrorism, and a variety of other terrible things. Step one is knowing the problem. Step two is doing something about it. Clear a wall space and set some sticky notes and pens next to it. Encourage people to write their ideas to make the world a better place. It’s a cheap and fun way to get people interacting with concepts that will better society. Hey, maybe one of these ideas will help end world hunger. It’d be pretty cool to say it originated in a Main Squeeze.

Main Squeeze

Boom. Main Squeeze now has some creative marketing ideas that will not only bring in and engage customers, they might also help change the world. Pretty sweet how that works, huh? Like I said, they’re in Marion, OH. If you’re in the area, swing by and snag a B Porter juice, you won’t be disappointed. Let them know Andrew, the marketing guy, sent you. You’ll either get a high five or free hug. Also, snap a quick selfie while you’re in there and claim that 10% discount!

— Closing —

Well, that’s all folks. Thanks for joining me on this episode of Creativity Killed the Cat! I hope you had as much fun as I did and were able to take away some creative marketing ideas that you can start using right now.

If you’re still stuck and need a little extra creative juice, head over to to find some more content that will continue to get your creative gears turning. Plus, you can reach out and let me know if you want your business or brand as the theme for one of our future episodes.

Keep saving those cats. I’ll see you all on the next episode of Creativity Killed the Cat. In the meantime, if you need your CD collection alphabetized, I know a guy.