Dropping Creative Beats with DJ One Tyme

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One of my favorite parts about music is that it’s so diverse, but something that is consistent throughout every culture. Throughout time, music has been something people have shared across the world. Everyone has their own specific musical taste, specific genres that get them going. No matter who you are, you have to love being with a group of people and rocking out to some of the best tracks ever produced. I know just the guy to dish out those sick beats.

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— Opening Story — 

Once upon a time, there was a boy living just outside of New York City that had a love for sharing music. At the time, he was carrying crates for his older cousin who happened to be a DJ. Experiencing the excitement of each event from behind the scenes, this boy knew he wanted music to be his future. From mixing songs on his college radio station to hosting live events, his dream was realized, as he is now a full time DJ.

— Intro — 

Hey there all you beautiful people! Welcome to the Creativity Killed the Cat podcast. My name's Andrew Chwalik and I’m going to be helping you develop creative marketing that won’t break the bank.

As always, our episode is brought to you by Twillful. My creative marketing agency that helps businesses develop and implement creative marketing campaigns as well as energize their social presence.

It's fun fact time.

Fun Fact: I just attended my first LPGA event and it was awesome! I golf myself, well, I attempt to. But it was weird seeing that many of the players are now older than me. 

Alright, on with the show!

Remember, I take one small business or brand and develop some creative marketing concepts that could be implemented as soon as you finish listening to this podcast.

Music is food for the soul. I’m not sure who is credited with that quote but I can dig it. Music can really influence your mood and mental state. Research has even shown that it has the ability to cure disease is some aspects. Not only does it have those psychological benefits, it’s a communication tool. It packs so much emotion, culture, and storytelling into just a few minutes. Before I start jamming out all on my own with the featured company who helps share music with people, we’re going to talk about my shoes. 

— Marketing Chat —

That is correct, I said were going to be talking about my shoes. We’re doing this for a couple reasons. 

The shoes that I almost exclusively wear are made by Cole Haan. No, I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but that would be legendary. I mean, I wear their shoes everyday so I could see it being a good relationship. Just saying. 

Specifically, the type of shoes are the Cole Haan Zerogrand. You can Google them to find a picture. The simple reason I wear these shoes is because they’re comfortable. Take it from someone who’s worn his first pair for over three years and around the world in places like Italy and Ireland. I got these shoes because they feel awesome and I planned to walk around a ton. 

Another reason why I snagged these shoes was because of the way they look. This is the part that starts to relate to marketing, bear with me. A short description would be that they are business on the top, comfort on the bottom. When I was looking for a pair of shoes, I needed them to be something I could wear in any occasion. If I’m giving a presentation to the CEO of Apple, these shoes need to work. If I was going out for a night on the town, these shoes needed to work. If I was meeting a new client for the first time, these shoes needed to work. Suit or casual pants, I needed a pair of shoes that could work with both. 

These zerogrands have a leather wing-tipped design, mine are a sunburst color. Classy, right? However, the bottom has a cream colored sole that gives them a unique style and total comfort. I know I mentioned it before, but Google it so you can understand what I’m talking about. 

This is the perfect shoe for marketers and let me tell you why. One, we’re a bit crazy and love having fun. These shoes can handle that. I once went hiking with them. Two, we’re often in a business environment. These shoes keep you looking classy in every situation. Okay, I’ve got that cute little plug out of the way. Let me tell you the real reason.

These shoes perfectly combine professional and play. How often do we see two ideas that we would love to see together but it goes totally wrong? Think about the mullet. An attempt to keep the fun majestic feeling of long hair with the need for a clean cut look. Not a fan. Or what about Pepsi attempting to combine selling their product with social justice? That campaign didn’t go over too well with people because those ideas just didn’t fit. In my opinion, you can always find some way to get two contrasting ideas to work together, these shoes are the perfect example. Often times, that is what makes the best marketing campaigns and even the best products. You just have to make sure you get the combination correct before sending out to the world.

Just thought I’d share a little creative inspiration with you and some baller shoes. 

DJ One Tyme —

DJ One Tyme is a professional club, wedding, and music video DJ who has over 20 years of disk jockey experience. He’s been selected as the official DJ for Ohio’s Hip Hop Awards, named best club DJ in Toledo on two separate occasions, and awarded the Best of Weddings 2015 DJ award from The Knot. He mainly does events around the Toledo area, but still finds time to share his musical talent wherever he’s called. I’ve actually been to one of his events and he’s pretty legendary. 

Now that you know about DJ One Tyme and his music mixing skills, let’s get creative. 

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I think of with DJs are mix tapes. You even mention producing mix tapes on your website. During the Vine era, mix tapes had a pretty funny wrap. People would always be passing out their mix tapes on the street and asking people to check it out. SoundCloud essentially knocked that trend, but it was funny how social media made fun of it.

Let’s play on that a little. Did you know that there are business cards out there that have a little USB included with it. Legit. You can have a custom business card that has a USB built in. Do that. Design some cool business cards that show off you musical experience and skills. Now, you can either put this part on the actual card itself or just say it when you hand out your cards, but have the phrase “check out my mixtape to know if I’m the real deal” included with the interaction. Of course, this means you need to have some sick beats you created on your USB that people can check out. If you want to get serious, include an intro video on there as well that you create to introduce people to all your services. When handing this to people, you can also tell them it’s fire. Just make it a fun experience. This will totally differentiate you in the DJ space. 

Next creative marketing concept. When you were young, you fell in love with the art of being a DJ. There are a ton of kids out there that have a similar interest and you can help them achieve it!

As you can imagine, there are thousands of nonprofits out there. They have at least one for every cause imaginable. I’m on the board of a great nonprofit myself and I’ve seen the positive change first hand. Why not partner up with some of these organizations and make the world a better place? A variety of nonprofits host events and conferences as part of their plan to cause positive change.

The nonprofit I work with, Ohio Teen Institute, has an annual week long conference where high school students from around the state join together to learn about substance abuse,  prevention, and leadership. We host various workshops throughout the week for our participants ranging from alcohol facts to public speaking. Link up with nonprofits that have this workshop style setup and host a workshop of your own. Here’s the cool part, it’s going to be sharing your music talent. Your workshop can of course teach kids about music and DJing, but the outcome should be a song. Help the participants create a song that they build together about the theme of their conference.

The kids would love. The organization would love it. The world would love it! You know those songs would get shared like crazy and simply toss your name in it somewhere like Jason Derulo does with all his songs. You’re helping spread the word about your company but you’re also helping kids get involved in the music world in a positive way. 

Alright, final concept. You offer your DJ services for a variety of different events. That’s cool. I dig it, you can liven up any event with your skills. Sure, you can tell people how great you are and all the cool things you can do. You can even show them pictures or your awesome website. That’s all great but there’s only one way to get them to experience the magic without actually attending one of your events. With video. Now, I’m not just talking a sweet little promo video that covers all your services. That’s a good place to start, for sure. But I’d rather see something that encompasses your entire skill set.

Here’s the game plan. Make a music video for each of your services. One for weddings. One for corporate events. One for school dances. Etc. Not only are you creating a sweet video, develop an original song for each. This would differentiate you from your entire market. These music videos would show off all the fun you have at these events, but it would also display your musical talent. Seriously, how sweet would it be to show interested clients these original music videos to give them a taste of what you have to offer? Plus, once they heard you actually created the song as well. They’ll be booking you like crazy. 

DJ One Tyme

Boom. Now DJ One Tyme has some creative marketing concepts that won’t break the bank and will get people more engaged with his fun DJ brand. Honestly, if he had his own promo music videos, he might just go viral. Well, if you want to be a trend setter and check him out, head over to his website at djonetime.com

— Closing — 

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